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Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Display

Full die-casting aluminum shell module design, excellent heat dissipation performance;
Energy-saving more than 50% energy than traditional outdoor led display;
No air conditioning, front and rear maintenance, reducing installation and use costs.

Ultra HD Aluminum Cabinet
Rental LED Display

Front maintenance no maintenance path needed each module is equipped with magnet cylinders, which connect the module onto the panel structure.
Curve cabinet unique design .Testing the product of mosaic technology, Display extraordinary LED effect and visual perception.


Advertisting Display

Gotech affordably and finely crafted advertising LED displays are used to showcase products and events to people passing by in both indoor and outdoor settings …

Rental/Stage Display

Gotech, focusing on working as a one-stop LED devices and technologies provider for both stage rental and high level meeting, is your ideal partner for show, annual meeting, launch event. …

Traffic Sign

Variable Message Sign is one of the most important elements in the traffic management system, by issuing a notice, warming information on the Variable Message display to guide …

Stadium Display

We’ve partnered long-term with such companies as the Maracana Stadium and for large events such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, providing stadium LED displays that feature clear…

About Gotech

Gotech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise focusing on led display designing,research,development, production, sales and installation. Since it’s established by HongKong Gotech in 2016, it has become a leader in the LED display field.


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Case Study

Rental Display

Outdoor & Indoor 2.97,3.91,4.81

Rental Project

Portugal 140m2 PH3.91 indoor rental 

Rental Project

Portugal 140m2 PH3.91 indoor rental